The 35 Must Have Pool Floats - Summer 2016 Edition

Must Have Pool Floats of 2016

35 Must Have Pool Floats

Summer 2016 Edition
Summer is in full swing and we all need something to float on. Below are the 35 must have pool floats of 2016. Why did we do this you ask? It's because there's way too much pool fun goodness to ignore. Some of these floats are super crisp, and of course some are so strange we just had to let you see them

Here We Go


tootsie roll

#35 - Tootsie Roll 

The butterfly? Uh-uh, that's old!
Let me see the Tootsee Roll!

#34 - @ Sign

For when your @ the pool or @ your friends?

#33 - Pickle

The best veggie. Tell your buddies to dill with it.

Ketchup and Mustard Hot Dog Pool Float

#32 - Hot Dog w/ Ketchup & Mustard

Nothing like a soggy hotdog bun 

$35 - Pool Game
Money Pool Float

#31 - Cash Money

You'll feel like $100 Bucks floating on this dough stack
Toilet Pool Float

#30 - Toilet

Let your guests know your intentions.
Lips Pool Float

#29 - Lips

Some big ol' smoochers
Island Pool Float
Escape to tie-dye island
Floatie Cups

A floaty for your beer, cocktail, wine... and now I forget how I got here.

Junior Mints Seinfeld Pool Float

#26 - Junior Mints

"Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint -- it's delicious!"

- Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld

Pretzel Pool Float

#25 - Pretzel

See above to add mustard to this delicious float


Shoes off in the pool. Never said anything about on the pool.

Sugar Skull Pool Float

#23 - Sugar Skull

For when your already pondering your Halloween costume idea in mid-July

Soccer Ball Pool Float

Your own giant version of Euro Cup in the pool. The net is the neighbor’s backyard. First one to 3 wins.

*Model not included*

CA$172.63 | $132.00
Ice Cream Pool Float

#21 - Ice Cream Cone

A summer melting sensation

 CA$58.85 | $45.00


Nintendo Controller Pool Float

#20 - Nintendo Controller

Bring your game to the pool.




Hashtag Pool Float

#19 - Hashtag

#pool #somuchfun #summer #selfie #sweating #drinks #hashtag



Smarties Pool Float


#18 - Smarties

Assorted Flavors for your smartie friends. Bite it in half to get candy

CA$22.23 | $17.00



Flamingo Drinks Pool Float

#17 - Flamingo Drinks Float

This bird likes to party more than the others. 

CA$23.54 | $18.00



Ping Pong Pool Float

#16 - Ping Pong Table

Do your best Forest Gump impression 

68.99 USD



Gummy Bear Pool Float

#15 - Gummy Bear

You can lick this one and throw it against the window. But it’s gonna stick in the pool.

CA$36.62 | $28.00



Burger Pool Float

#14 - Big Kahuna Burger

Mm-hmm! This is a tasty burger!




Pizza Pool Float

#13 - Pizza Slice

Those pepperoni's though! Drool...

CA$43.16 | $33.00



Donut Pool Float

#12 - Donut

Sorry we're on a food tear. Even Homer would be proud of this float



Black Swan Pool Float

#11 - Black Swan

White Swan overdone? Maybe. Do your best Natalie Portman impression on this baby

CA$64.08 | $49.00 (30% off)


White Swan Pool Float


#10 - White Swan

The most endangered animal of the summer. It's big and it's popular.




Parrot Pool Float

#9 - Parrot

Polly wanna .... never-mind you guys get it. 



#8 - Giant Flamingo

ALMOST SEVEN FEET From Tail to Beak. It's a Big One.



Toucan Pool Float

#7 - Toucan

"Follow your nose! It always knows!" – Motivational Quote

Toucan Sam




Unicorn Pool Float

#6 - Unicorn

Brb, just riding my unicorn.



Pineapple Pool Float

#5 - Pineapple

The Pineapple Express, the dopest float you've ever floated.

CA$36.62 | $28.00



Creamsicle Pool Float

#4 - Creamsicle

Crisp Air Coated with Orange Sherbet




Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

#3 - Ice Cream Sandwich

Something about this makes us hungry. Not sure why...




Cabana Shirt Pool Float

#2 - Cabana Shirt

Coming in at #2, this is crisp. Cabana style without the cabana boy.





Eggplant Pool Float

Fire Emoji Pool Float

#1 - Eggplant & Fire

Emoji Pool Floats

Why not ride your digital emotions in the pool as well? These emoji pool floats are original and let us escape from our phones for a minute without actually escaping.






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